Work Alone with the AVO300

AutoVision Wireless now offers the AVO300, a powerful, personal safety device. With this product, you are able to track and monitor the safety of employees that work alone.  The AVO300 sends notifications and alerts to a pre-defined number, so you can act quickly to mitigate harm or danger. 

Improve safety and increase regulatory compliance for your most valued resource, your people. The AVO300 includes two-way voice and SMS capabilities, meaning you can be in touch with your employees at a moment’s notice. With the AVO300, you can also schedule check-ins, so that you can rely on the device to keep you up to date with real-time information. Plus, non-movement reports alert you in the case you have a ‘man down’ situation. The interactive display also shows signal strength, SMS messages and inbound calls. This device is a must-have for anyone who relies on employees who work alone or out in the field.

Features of the AVO300:
- Adjustable safety zones allow you to set parameters that can provide ‘in’ or ‘out’ zone alerts
- GPS technology will allow you to locate the AVO300 within 5 metres
- Four pre-programmable buttons are routed through our secure network
- The motion sensor will immediately send an alert in a ‘man down’ situation
- Quad band GSM means the AVO300 works all over the world

Download the AVO300 specifications here: