The Benefits of Our Solution Go Beyond GPS Tracking

Delivering real-time, mobile intelligence on every vehicle in your fleet. We extract data right from the vehicle's engine and present it in a format that is graphical and easy to act on. Our smart-phone applications give your field managers access to real-time data from anywhere and allows them to locate assets in their vicinity quickly. That’s the power of AutoVision Wireless.

Whether your fleet has 5 or 5,000 vehicles, our trusted solutions offer key insight into your business. Our products increase the life expectancy of your fleet, making ongoing maintenance predictable and straightforward, reduce fuel consumption and increase productivity.

Increase revenue and decrease costs, ensure you’re getting value for every dollar spent by working with AutoVision Wireless.

Enhanced Vehicle Tracking Features

Engine Diagnostics

This functionality allows the dispatcher and fleet managers to see real time ECU information in FleetReach and SmartFleet Advantage. This includes actual vehicle odometer, engine speed, oil pressure, seatbelt status, diagnostic trouble codes and more. Fleet managers that have the ability to see engine diagnostic data can reduce expensive repair costs by performing preventative maintenance on more accurate schedules, get alerts when vehicles are throwing trouble codes to prevent engine damage, and be able to calculate fuel burn rates to proactively address vehicles that are using more fuel than they should.

Driver Identification

Driver identification simplifies the management of vehicles->drivers. This feature is important to dispatchers when their fleets contain vehicles that are shared amongst many drivers. Each driver is given a FOB and that FOB is scanned when the driver enters the vehicle. Our system uses the unique identification number of the FOB to associate that driver to the vehicle they scanned in on. This enables dispatchers and managers to run reports based on drivers across all the vehicles they've driven.

Driver Behaviour

Driver behaviour is a classification of reporting that is available with FleetReach and SmartFleet Advantage. The purpose of this feature is to identify drivers that are not driving vehicles safely. KPI's include: Speeding, Harsh Acceleration, Deceleration, Cornering, and sustained High Engine RPM. These metrics are combined on a driver scorecard report and are available to managers.