The transportation industry takes advantage of AutoVision Wireless technology to revolutionize their business. 

Our strategies:

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Offer better response to customer opportunities and needs
  • Improve knowledge of vehicle and equipment location and use
  • Substantially reduce spoilage for refrigerated cargo

We offer unmatched reliability and coverage with our series of cellular and satellite solutions for the long-haul trucking and trailer industry.

Best of all, our transportation clients use AutoVision’s tools to increase efficiency, saving time and money.

Enhanced Trailer Tracking Features

Unpowered Trailers

AutoVision has several solutions for tracking trailers that have no power source or limited connections to power. These solutions enable the trailer owner or leasee to track their trailer while employing a contracted truck/driver to deliver the goods. These solutions can also be employed to track containers and even as temporary asset trackers.

Powered Trailers (Refridgerated Trailers)

AutoVision can track trailers that have an independant power source (usually an onboard battery) and can integrate with refridgerated trailer compressors to provide setpoint, alert, and temperature information. These solutions usually include door sensors and alerts can be set up to notify managers when trailers are being towed while doors are open, or when doors are being opened and the trailer is not at it's destination.