Wasted time at work can add up very quickly to seriously affect your business’ bottom line. What would increased productivity mean for your business? If you’re not sure, AutoVision’s value-add services will identify how much money you’re wasting on inefficiencies.  

Our solutions help:

  • Direct your hourly staff more efficiently
  • Minimize billing errors and redirect staff to spend more time on revenue-generating work
  • Improve preventative maintenance to prolong the lifetime of your assets
  • Optimize delivery routes and reduce travel times

Improve Preventative Maintenance
Companies do better when they have the full picture of their fleet. Using AutoVison’s FleetReach® web-based solution, you can access all mileage and important information on your computer or smart-phone. You don’t have to rely on drivers to relay important information back to the office. Our technology even allows you to set email alerts, so you can receive a convenient reminder to change the oil or complete a safety check.

Better maintained vehicles will extend the life of your valuable assets.

Reduce Field Work
Our solutions allow you to manage assets remotely. This means you don’t have to send someone to a distant site to check on the status of an asset. Instant, real-time reporting gets you information, fast. Our solution can allow dispatch to send commands remotely to an asset to start or stop its operation, unlock doors, or engage/disengage attached equipment.