Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Our four corporate values are the essential pillars that not only bind our company’s employees together, but also shape our approach in working with our clients. They are of utmost importance to our operations, management and interaction with our clients, and in doing so, define the way we do business.

Customer Focus

At the most fundamental level of our business, we value and appreciate the needs of our clients. Internally, every decision made and action performed is carried out with an unmistakeable focus on satisfying our clients.


Quickly adapting to the constantly changing environment that influences our decision making is imperative to us. We understand the vastly diverse range of needs exhibited by our peers, and so we try our best to tailor our solution to your specifications.


We feel that an uncompromising level of integrity should encompass every decision we make, no matter how insignificant. At AWI being ethical is about doing the right thing and never taking the easy route.


Teamwork not only refers to the social chemistry we exude between our tightly knit employees, but also to building rapport with our clients that forms the pivotal groundwork for successful two-way communication.