AWI Fuel Card

With fluctuating fuel prices, it is increasingly difficult to control fuel costs. One of the greatest ways to keep down your costs  and improve your fleet management is to use the AutoVision Fuel Card.  The fuel card works like a credit card. Drivers are able to use them at fuel stations when filling their vehicles.  This purchase information is sent back to your control centre automatically.  It allows you to keep track of the fuel costs for your fleet and gives you access to detailed purchasing reports.

Using the fuel card, you are able to identify:

- The purchase of too much fuel (over tank capacity)
- Type of fuel purchased (diesel or gasoline)
- Detailed transaction history
- Multiple daily fill-ups
- Inappropriate purchases
- Fueling patterns outside of historical transactions
- Fueling outside the province
- How often purchases are made

Reduce Fuel Fraud

The AutoVision Fuel Card allows you to identify purchasing habits and ways to control costs. It also lets you set daily and monthly caps on fuel purchases. This helps prevent theft, on average reducing fuel fraud by up to 15%. The fuel card is your number one way to ensure that you can keep fuel costs low, while still maximizing the potential of your fleet.

Reduce Administrative Work

A major benefit of the AutoVision Fuel Card is that you no longer have to reconcile employee fuel expenses manually. This will decrease the costs of your administrative work and ensure efficient payment schedules. The AutoVision Fuel Card is an integral part of any business that manages large vehicle fleets.